The Bank-Heavy Preservation Society

We’re proud to present
The Bank-Heavy Preservation Society!

How do we keep publishing and printing our most peculiarly inviting books you ask?
With the help of our readership and friends buying our goods and donating chump change, and with our new preservation society you can feel oh so special knowing you’ve contributed
to the further mischief of print publication. Honestly what’s not to love?

Membership includes:
- a one year subscription (3-4 issues)
- one official Bank-Heavy T-shirt (sizes: xs-xl available)
- three stickers
- three buttons pins
- your name in the thank you page for our upcoming issues
- that warm feeling you get when something great happens, like hot cocoa in July
- hugs from the editors because well we’re that damn excited!

All of this and our loving appreciation for a mere $50 buckaroos!

More details to come via facebook and at


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Blurb for “Dying Quietly in a Crowded Room/ Dancing with Scissors”

"Josue Mendoza blends lyrical beauty and wry perversity in his chapbook Dying Quietly in a Crowded Room. His poems are like vivid, fascinating dreams with unintentionally disturbing subtexts that only become obvious upon sharing them with one’s parents. Whether contemplating first experiences with girls or the nipples of famous male writers, Mendoza paints his worlds with humor, pathos, and a fair degree of fearlessness.

In his inaugural chapbook, Dancing with Scissors, Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo confronts love, consumption, destruction, and combinations thereof with both humor and resignation. Like a former costumed sidekick breaking free from a life spent arresting jaywalkers and filming inane public service announcements, Nelson-Lopiccolo dives into a world of cockroaches and ice-cold Coors, ready to ponder the mysteries of adulthood without a Batman, without “a bloody vomit costume,” without a net.” - John F. Buckley 


The official cover for our new book, Doughnut Touch Me!

The official cover for our new book, Doughnut Touch Me!



A few chances to catch our editors in action. Which basically means us reading poetry in public!

Ms. Karie McNeley will be reading at this event on Sunday at 2PM.

Silver Birch Press’s Scintillatingly Silvery 2012 
SILVER ANTHOLOGY: Poetry & Prose Reading 

-dedicated to Jack Micheline-
Harold Martin Silver

TheSilverAnthology Features Writing by:
John Brantingham. Chiwan Choi. Barbara Eknoian. 
Donna Hilbert. Linda King. LeeAnne McIlroy Langton. 
Gerald Locklin. Tamara Madison. Clint Margrave. 
Daniel McGinn. Ann Menebroker. jax NTP. 
Kathy Dahms Rogers. Conrad Romo. Luke Salazar. 
Joan Jobe Smith. Clifton Snider. Dale Sprowl. 
Paul Kareem Tayyar. Jeri Thompson. Margaret Towner. 
Steve Williams. Pamela Miller Wood. Fred Voss. 

w/Special Reading by Kevin Lee of Jack Micheline

SUNDAY, JANUARY 13, 2013 2-4PM

@THE WINE CRUSH 3131 East Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803

Then on January 30th, 8PM, Catch Editors Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo and Pj Santos

Two Idiots Peddling poetry featuring the Uptown Downstairs Group!

261 N. GlassellOrange, California 92866

The Uptown Downstairs workshop has been secretly meeting in the basement of Half Off Books in Whittier, reading, writing and enjoying poetry.

Deanne Brown, wife, mother, writer, cancer survivor and the lead singer in a rock band has a tattoo of a phoenix on her left shoulder. More than just a symbol of the city from which she hails, this bird rising from the flames is also a symbol of her spirit.

Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo is a dude from Long Beach who surfs, writes, is one of two managing editors at Bank-Heavy Press and occasionally gets poems published. His first chapbook Dancing with Scissors was released in June 2012.

Gary Imperial has been addicted to verse since way back when. His muse is a pusher of both paper and pen.

Jennifer Martindale is a nerdy thirty something currently residing in Whittier. She loves peanut butter, mutants with heart, and other weird but friendly introverts.”

PJ Santos is une femme est une femme, a devout Francophile whose favorite year of education was spent in the pigeon infested diesel streets of Paris. She emerged from the educational vacuum with a B.A. in Film Studies and Dilettantism from the University of California, Irvine, where she also fed residentially challenged squirrels kale salad and beer.

Daniel McGinn, author of “1000 Black Umbrellas,” is the oldest fart on Write Bloody Press. He started this writing group and he refuses to apologize.


Purchase your very own now! FUCK YEAH!

Purchase your very own now! FUCK YEAH!





Tomorrow come one come all, bring a friend or a foe for the 2nd Annual Beside the City of Angels: A Long Beach Poetry Festival. Our founding editors are all reading along with a metric-fuck-load of other amazingly talented poets! »


Three days away!

Three days away!